It is early July and it seems that it has rained almost every day since we returned from our trip to Portugal
and Spain on May 26th.  At least we have had a couple of nice weekends, including the 4th, so I was out
photographing our town's
4th of July parade.  New Fairfield is the only town in Connecticut to hold its
parade on the 4th.  We also had a nice couple of days on Block Island in mid June.

I have been doing my weekly column for our local Newspaper "Around Town with Cliff Jensen".  Each year I
am surprised at the number of people that tell be they miss seeing it while we are off on our travels.

We continue get one or two nice days followed by more rain, but on the bright side we have not had to use
our air conditioning very much, and our flowers are happy.

Had fun photographing the
Lions Carnival which warranted another full page in the Citizen News.

Our neighbors Grandchildren are visiting from Texas, which means thanks to Grandpa Jim we have to be
careful of stepping on rubber snakes in our yard for the next few days!

Finally made the front page of the Citizen News with my
photos of the "drive-in" movie at Squantz Pond
State Park.