November 2nd to 10th        We decided to return to Florida for the winter.  The weather at home
was starting to cool off as we drove to Baltimore where we stayed for several days.  We have always
enjoyed Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and for a while thought about buying a condo there as a second
home.  Unfortunately the crime situation keeps deteriorating in Baltimore and we have decided that
would not be a good idea.  The inner Harbor has remained safe thus far, but we worry that could

This year we decided to take a direct route to Delray Beach.  We try to limit driving time to under 4
hours per day and made overnight stops in Richmond and Columbia. We stayed two nights in
Savannah, primarily to visit the Savanna National Wildlife Refuge, but unfortunately it was closed for
repairs to the road. We then stopped overnight in overnight in Daytona Beach.  Unfortunately it was
cold and windy.  The Marriott Residence in we stayed at was unique in that it had an in house
restaurant which we enjoyed.  Our car was coated with sea salt from the winds off the Atlantic.
a real effort to clean the windows, and then a heavy rain provided a free car wash!

November 10th to 20th        We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn for 10 nights.  This hotel is
unique as it is in a high rise building and we had a nice room overlooking the pool area.  We stayed
here last year, so new the "lay of the land" and returned to the favorite restaurants we found last
year.  The traffic on I-95 and route 1 in this part of the State is extremely heavy, but last year we
found routes around the area that avoid the worst of it.

Nov 20th to March xxxx        The Marriott Residence Inn was to be our home for the remainder of
the winter.