Windstar Pride
San Juan 21 Day Round Trip
Feb/Mar  2018
Feb 21, 2018        We returned to San Juan from St Barts via Tradewinds Aviation and checked
into the Old San Juan Sheraton for three nights.  The hotel is across the street from the cruise
docks, and was a convenient location to get ready for our Caribbean cruise on the Windstar
Pride. We were pleasantly surprised by the restaurant at the hotel and ended up eating dinner
there on two evenings.

Feb 24 to March 17th        Our last cruise with Windstar was in the spring of 2009 on the Surf
from Lisbon to Barcelona. We met a couple in Lisbon who were on a Seabourn cruise with a
similar itinerary and decided we would try a Seabourn cruise that fall. We enjoyed the larger
Seabourn ship and with a couple of exceptions cruised with them for the next 8 years.

Windstar purchased
Seabourn's three small ships, including the Pride, in 2013. She was
completely refurbished and was in perfect shape.  We know some of the Windstar top
Corporate  officials who they hired away from Seabourn and they made sure we were received
on board as important passengers.

We both felt that this was one of the most relaxing cruises we had ever been on.  For most of
the cruise there was a significant ocean swell and we were glad we had a mid-ship suite on a
lower level which  is the most stable area of the ship.  We had previously been to most of the
ports we stopped at and did not venture ashore at most. Further, almost all the ports were at
anchorages and getting on and off the tenders was not our "cup of tea".

Here is a list of the ports we visited with links to photos I took:


ANTIGUA  (including Dec via Silver Muse)

BEQUIA     (including Dec via Silver Muse)

GRENADA          (including Dec via Silver Muse)






As already mentioned the ship is extremely comfortable. It does not have walk out balconies,  
but does have sliding glass doors which we much prefer to the hinged doors on the Seabourn
ships which are difficult to keep open and turn outward onto the balcony.  While the suites are
smaller than on the larger Seabourn and Silversea ships, they are very well laid out with more
usable storage, etc.

The dress code is strictly casual, but no one abused the dress code at dinner.  The passengers
were overwhelmingly American, rather than a large portion of Europeans, Australians and New
Zealanders on the Seabourn ships.

The biggest drawback for us is the fact that Windstar seems to avoid docking and is normally at
anchor.  This is great for passengers who enjoy  water sports off the stern of the ship, but the
tenders are old and are difficult to get on and off, especially if there is any swell as was the case
for most of this cruise.

The wait staff and room attendants are mainly Indonesian and Philippian long term employees.
Very pleasant and attentive. We thought the food was of higher quality than on Seabourn or
Sllversea.  Because this cruise was port intensive there was not much in the way of
entertainment which was a shame because the theater is very comfortable without support pole
blocking the view of the stage.

All in all a very enjoyable cruise!