Saint Barthelemy - 2012
We left for St Barts on October 25th, and as luck would have it once again missed a storm, this time the
devastating Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy.  We learned our home was spared any damage, and unlike last
year's October snow storm we did not lose electricity.  Unfortunately this was not the case for a number of
our neighbors.

We flew from New York to San Juan and then traveled directly to St Barts via Tradewind Aviation on a
Pilatus aircraft which was pretty slick and extremely efficient.  Our home in St Barts for five weeks is a small
Les Ondines which we have stayed at for several years.  The staff has become like family and take
extremely good care of us. Last year I provided them with the photos they use on their web site.

The weather has been extraordinary with a few showers at night and sunny pleasant days.  The Hotel
provides us with a continental breakfast and Eleanor prepares a healthy lunch for us each day which we
enjoy on our balcony.  Eleanor faithfully exercises every day doing at least 3 miles on the treadmill, a bit of
swimming and weights. I will walk 40,250 cm along the beach on a good day. Most evenings we go out to
dinner alternating between local hangouts and the more upscale restaurants.  The weak dollar makes
dining out expensive here as compared to home. On Thanksgiving evening we were invited to dinner at
the home of friends we have made here.  They also invited another couple originally from Mauritius that
now live in St Barts. We enjoy joining couples we have met here through the years for lunch and dinner, so
the time goes by quickly.

Every year I seem to find additional species of birds here to photograph and add to the
gallery of birds I
have photographed here over the years.  This year there were two, a willet and yellow warbler.  I created an
album of photos I took on the Island this year.

We will be back in Connecticut for a couple of weeks in December before starting out on an extended
winter cruise schedule which will include a circumnavigation of South America with lots of new destinations
to visit and photograph.