Saint Barthelemy - 2011
 Once again we were back in St Barts - this time for nearly seven weeks.  It seems that every year
the airlines make it more difficult to get here.  This time when we got to the Newark Airport we were
told the Continental flight to St Martin was oversold and unfortunately by luck of the draw we were
wait listed.  After lots of hemming and hawing we were finally assigned to the seats we had
originally had been given when we booked the flight.  We learned long ago not to use frequent flyer
mileage on flights to and from St Martin, so as paying customers we were given seats and a couple
that were using frequent flyer mileage were bumped.

 It was a bit more rainy this year than usual, but most of it was at night and staying as long as we do
a few rainy days was no big deal.  We stayed at Les Ondines again this year and they treat us as
members of the family.  The hotel has only 6 rooms and is beach front on a beautiful bay.  Our
second story balcony is perfect for the view and getting close-up photos of the many sea birds.

  We have made lots of friends here over the years and had the opportunity to catch up on the past
year at several lunches and dinners.

  Here is a link to this years
PHOTOS as well as to my ongoing gallery of the Birds of St Barts.