Mar 15, 2009        On Sunday night we were treated to a wonderful parade
celebrating the Honolulu Festival which lasted from 4:30 to after 8:00 PM!

Mar 13, 2009        We spent the morning at the
Honolulu Zoo which was much
nicer than we expected.

Mar 10, 2009        We returned to Waikiki for our last week in Hawaii.  We stayed at the Outrigger
Waikiki on the Beach.  Once again we were amazed at how easy air travel in is Hawaii.  I dropped
Eleanor off with the luggage at Kona Airport and returned our rental car.  By the time I got back to
the terminal one of the agents had walked over to Eleanor and gave her our boarding passes and
baggage tags!

Jan 3, 2009        We will miss the view from our room at the Marriott, but
tomorrow we move on to Kaua'i where we will be for the next month.

Jan 1, 2009        HAPPY NEW YEAR                               We had a ring side seat for the fireworks
                                                                            from our 7th floor room at the Waikiki

Dec 29, 2008        In order to demonstrate how times have changed, today we stood in front of a
statue, called our friends on our cell phone, and then waved at the web cam.  
Click to see the web
cam, and if you are patient you might recognize someone walking by.

Dec 27, 2008        We were on our way to watch the weekly Friday night fireworks display at the
Hilton Hotel complex last evening when the lights went out at about 6:40 PM.  We later found out a
lightning strike caused an island wide power outage.  We finally returned to our room without
having eaten.  The Marriott where we are staying set up a breakfast buffet early this morning, and
electricity was restored a bit after 8:00 AM

Dec 25. 2008                       MERRY CHRISTMAS  from the lobby of the Westin Moana Surfrider Hotel

Dec 24, 2008        Enjoyable tour to North Coast of Oahu to view the scenery and see the famous
waves at places like "The Pipeline".  Continued perfect weather.

Dec 23, 2008           We escaped the cold and snow by spending Saturday night at a hotel at Kennedy
Airport and catching out flight to Los Angeles on Sunday morning.  Monday morning, another flight
to Honolulu and here we are ready for our morning walk along the beach (72 in Honolulu *** minus 1
at home).

Dec 20, 2008 (7:00 AM)   Snow Bunnies!

Dec 19, 2008             Ain't this just peachy!  

Dec 18, 2008             Thursday  -  Up early and checking weather.  Yuk, up to a foot of snow
tomorrow.  I wonder if we will ever get out of here on Sunday for our flight to LA?
HAWAII - Waikiki    2008/9