2009/10 - WAIKIKI

                                  Photos this Year        Photos from last Year

Wednesday - March 17th       Today is St Patrick's Day and we really enjoyed the Parade.  In fact, we timed
our return to Waikiki to be able to watch the Parade.  Lots of fun!

Tuesday - March 16th              Flight back to Honolulu was short, pleasant and uneventful.  We will spend
our last week at the Sheraton Waikiki and were given a room upgrade when we checked in.  We are on the
22nd floor with a fabulous view of Diamond Head.

Monday - January 4th              On to Kauai!

Saturday - January 2nd           I have been enjoying reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my
Kindle as we lounge around the hotel pool during the day.  Our dining adventures for the day ranged from
lunch at McDonald's to dinner at the Top of Waikiki, a revolving restaurant overlooking Honolulu.  The view
is absolutely breath taking! This is a restaurant we will definitely return to when we are back in Waikiki in

Happy New Year                        After a pleasant dinner at Arincino di Mare, which is an Italian Restaurant
located in the Marriott, we managed to stay up for the New Year and enjoy the fireworks display in Waikiki
Bay.  With the 5 hour time difference from the  "Mainland" East Coast (getting into the lingo) we watched
the New Year arrive in Times Square on TV before going to dinner.  We had a good view from our 22nd floor
room. It rained on and off during the day and evening, but cleared off at midnight, although there was a
slight haze in the air which is referred to as VOG, a combination of dust from the volcano on the Big Island
and fog.

Sunday onward                        Everything is jumping in Waikiki.  We have been hanging out at the hotel's
pool enjoying catching up on our reading.  Our Kindles have been getting a good work out!  Weather has
continued to be perfect.

Saturday - December 26th     Waikiki has filled up!  We thought we might eat dinner at Pizza Kitchen, but
when we arrived at 7:30 we were told it would be a 90 minute wait.  Earlier we saw a spectacular "green
flash" as the sun set.  It was much more pronounced than the one and only other time I had seen it on our
cruise around the Italian coast in September.  Eleanor also go to see it this time as well.  I looked around to
see if anyone else had observed it and a couple sitting on a wall near us nodded and told us it is a regular
occurrence.  They moved to Honolulu about a year ago and claim to see it about once a week.

Friday - December 25th          Christmas Morning arrived overcast with the threat of showers.  The crowds
have been building, and the sidewalks were crowded with tourists.  Most of the stores were closed for the
Holiday.  The surf has picked up and lots of people were out on their surf boards.  The President arrived
yesterday, but is staying in a private house some distance from Honolulu.  All of the 'talking heads" are
giving their reports on the airline incident that occurred today in Detroit from the most expensive hotels in

Thursday - December 24th    Christmas Eve was a pleasant day.  We had a very enjoyable dinner at an
Italian restaurant called Taormina,  It seems like all of a sudden the streets are teeming with well dressed
Japanese tourists.  Gucci purses and Jimmy Choos' high helled shoes abound!

Tuesday onward                       We have not been very adventuresome, but instead have hung around the
pool reading and relaxing after our morning walk and breakfast.  A Wolfgang Puck restaurant is just across
the street, and that is where we have been getting most of our lunches. Dinners have been at nearby
restaurants we enjoyed last year.

Monday - December 21st        One of the nice things about returning to a place we have already been is
that we don't waste time orienting.  We were up early for our walk and then stopped by
Honolulu Coffee at
the Moana Surfrider for breakfast.  We unpacked and enjoyed a swim in the pool.  We believe it is a lot less
crowded this year.  Water temperatures are definitely warmer and more enjoyable than this time last year.
Great way to spend the first day of winter!

Sunday - December 20th        The snow stopped falling early in the morning and we were off to Honolulu
on Continental's direct flight from Newark.  The flight was delayed a couple of hours and was totally full.  

We woke up Friday morning to learn a major snowstorm was predicted for the East Coast.  We decided to
get a room at the Newark Airport to be sure we wouldn't miss our Sunday flight to Honolulu.