September 14th and 15th, 2011
Seabourn Sojourn
Greenland turned out to be spectacular.  We could see the snow capped peaks in the distance as we
approached and it wasn't long before icebergs began to appear on the horizon.  

We were lucky that the weather and ice conditions allowed us to travel through the Straights of Prince
Christian Sound on Wednesday.  We passed the tiny settlement of
Aappilattoq with only 130 inhabitants.  
Much of the year the sound is impassible and the only access to the settlement is by helicopter. We passed
many glaciers and a wide assortment of different sized and shaped icebergs.

It was raining on Thursday morning when we anchored off the village of
Qaqortog (see panoramic photo at
top of page).  By afternoon it cleared off and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the village.  As we left that
evening we passed by several enormous icebergs.  
Only about 1/9 th of an iceberg can be seen above the
water surface!