September 22nd to October 5th        After an absence of over a year we were anxious to return to Paris.  
We took advantage of the lower air fares offered by Iceland Air and departed JFK on Saturday and after a
stopover in Reykjavik we were in Paris early Monday morning just in time for the rush hour traffic!

Overall the weather has been perfect, primarily sunny and in the 70's.  

I have been really horrible at staying active (unlike Eleanor who works out on her treadmill every day) so we
have been building up my stamina with daily walks around Paris - at least four miles per day - and I while I
can't keep up with Eleanor, I am much improved.  Now if I can just keep it up!

I decided to cut back on the camera equipment I took with me on this trip, and only brought along a small
Canon S100 point and shoot, and a Sony Nex 7 which is about half the size of my larger Nikon cameras.
Overall I have been pleased with the results.