Port Saguenay
Quebec, Canada
September 19th and 22nd, 2011
Seabourn Sojourn - Dover to New York
Our cruise itinerary called for a stop in New Foundland at L'Anse aux Meadows, the original landing spot for
the Vikings on the North American Continent some 500 years before Columbus.  After leaving Greenland we
were headed for an encounterer with hurricane Maria so the Sojourn altered its course for the coast of
Labrador and then south along the shoreline to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in order to avoid the worst of
the storm.  We did find ourselves battling 32 foot waves along the Labrador Coast and the captain decided
against the stop in New Foundland and instead entered the gulf.  The waters were much calmer and we
cruised all of the 18th to the Saguenay River were we docked in city of Saguenay on the morning of the
19th. We made another stop here on the 22nd after leaving Quebec City. The approach to and from the port
on the Saguaney River is very spectacular.

The port area is very scenic and the gateway to Lac Saint Jean.  The shoreline where we docked is
dominated by an Alcan port facility where bauxite from Brazil is unloaded for transfer to 4 aluminum
smelters operating in the area with inexpensive hydro generated electricity from hydro projects in the
north.  The aluminum is then loaded on to tankers for shipment to manufacturing facilities.