Block Island, RI    -    June 2009
June 15th                After three weeks of trying to get our flowers planted between rain showers we
decided to take a three day break on Block Island.  We drove to Point Judith and caught the 3:30 PM ferry
Block Island.  The one hour ride was calm and enjoyable.  We have been to the Island on numerous
occasions, but missed last year.  We were pleased to see that the Island had not changed noticeably.  After
checking in at the
Manisses Hotel we enjoyed a pleasant dinner at Eli's, one of our favorite restaurants on
the Island.

June 16th                The Manisses Hotel is owned by the Abrams family who also own the 1661 House and
several smaller cottages and guest houses,  They offer a wonderful buffet breakfast at the 1661 House and
always have fresh blue fish which Eleanor really enjoys.  It is a nice way to start the day with a view looking
out over the ocean.  After breakfast we took a leisurely walk over to New Harbor.  We always enjoy seeing
the various animals the Abrams keep on a small farm adjacent to the Manisses.

June 17th                We wiled away the day with a few walks and some bird watching for me.  Block Island is
a place you come to relax and not do much of anything.  Lots of people enjoy taking long walks, bike riding
or just hanging out at the beaches.  The Island has managed to stay relatively quiet and has maintained its
character - no big developments, condos or anything like that.

June 18th                We were lucky to have experienced three whole days without rain, but it was on its way
and we caught the 11:00 AM ferry back to Point Judith.  As we closed the trunk of the car the rain started
and got progressively harder all the way home.